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Selejtezes.hu was founded in 2002 by PULI Engineering, Trading and Consulting Ltd., with the goal to provide a common marketplace for both companies and individuals having offers for drossy materials, stuck in stocks and electronic waste recycling.

People and individuals might place offers for sale of their stock on selejtezes.hu for the following reasons:

  • stuck in stock (stock with high discounts)
  • company liquidation
  • stock for cancelled projects
  • false manufacturing, false ordering of goods

For example, the biggest sale on the past years was 18.000 litre stain, and 6 tons of M10 screw.

In addition, PULI Ltd. has liquidation service for buying, transporting and disassembling used electronic equipment, like PC, Monitor, laser and inkjet printers and faxes. If you, or your company has items like these, please call us, and we will wipe them away in a professional and environment-friendly way.

Disassembling is made by hand, with electronic screw driver, with special attention to components with hazardous materials. Components (Hard Disk, CD/DVD) are taken apart as much as possible. These secondary materials are stored safely, protected against weather conditions in plastic containers. After reaching a certain amount, these materials are transported to special waste recovering companies for shredding and melting.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to hearing about you.

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